Grading Rubric

About Grading

All projects for the BCA Software Dev Bootcamp are graded on three categories:

  • Functionality
  • Readability
  • Organization

Each of these categories is equally weighted, and will receive a score from 0-3

You must have at least a 2.8 overall grade to pass the course, and receive your certificate of completion.

The only way to get a 0 is to not submit the project.


Functionality is how well your program operates, and how well you've fulfilled the required stories in the project description

  • 1 -> The program immediately errors out on startup
  • 2 -> The program starts, and runs, but there are significant bugs, and/or not all the stories have been completed
  • 3 -> There are no significant bugs, and all stories have been completed
  • 4 -> You can earn a bonus point in functionality by completing all icebox challenges


Readability is how easy it is for another programmer to understand your program without running it.

  • 1 -> Your variable names are unclear/misrepresent the data type, and you have no comments
  • 2 -> You have insufficient comments, and/or your variable names are unclear
  • 3 -> Variable names are representative of their data, and there are a sufficient number of comments (generally 1-2 per code block)


Organization refers to both the structure of your directory, and the structure of individual files within the directory. Organization, and readability are related in that good organization will make your code more readable.

  • 1 -> The way you have your directory structured is breaking your code, or there are errors stemming from the way you've structured your file(s)
  • 2 -> Your program runs but your files are more "stream of consciousness" than an intentional structure. All files are in the same directory, or subdirectory regardless of type.
  • 3 -> Files are layed out logically with related sections grouped together. Different file types are in separate subdirectories.