Portfolio Page


A "Personal Portfolio" is a web site that showcases your personal work. It can serve as a resume that people can interact with to see examples of the work in question.

We will use GitHub Pages to build and host your portfolio site.


  1. Visit https://pages.github.com/ and follow the steps there to create a "Hello World" site living at https://yourgithubusername.github.io .

  2. Edit the HTML file to include the following information:

  3. Deploy the changes and demo it to another student in the class.


  • Understand and use the following:
    • Whitespace using margin and padding
    • Typography improvements
    • Text spacing
    • Color and contrast
    • Using images


Home Page

Build an index.html that includes at least the following.

  • A profile image of you.
  • A short description of who you are, for example:

A passionate web developer looking to make a difference in Vermont.

  • Links to the following sub-pages, which do not need to exist yet.
    • About Me
    • Projects or Portfolio
    • Hobbies and Interests
    • Work History
    • Contact Me Form

About Me Page

  • Build a page that includes basic details about your history as a person such as:
    • What interestes you
    • Where you grew up
    • Why you got into programming

Projects Page

  • Link to the completed or in progress project repositories for this bootcamp.
    • Use links to your github repositories and/or links to your deployed projects, possibly with cover screenshots.
    • We will later deploy your projects to Heroku or Github pages. Make sure to update the link to a live example of your work if possible.
  • Add cover screenshots for each project.
    • Optionally add a separate page for each with a description of the objectives, your approach to solving the project, and anything else that you learned.
    • Optionally record a video showing your walkthrough of the project program or application in use.

Hobbies and Interests Page

  • Hobbies
    • Do you play any instruments or play in a band?
    • Are you on an intramural sports team like soccor, ultimate frisbee or softball?
    • Are you passionate about an outdoor sport such as skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking or something else?
    • Do you volunteer at a local animal shelter, food shelf, or school board?

Work History

  • Create a web version of your resume with basic formatting, don't stress too much about the layout. Make sure to include the following.

    • Your career goal(s).
    • Prior employers going back ten years.
    • Personal skills and experience.
    • e.g. HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Web Development / Git / Command Line
  • Link to a downloadable version of your resume such as a PDF.

<a href="/assets/myResume.pdf" download>
  <img src="/images/my-resume-cover.jpg" alt="My Personal Resume Screenshot">

Download File Example

Navigation Bar

  • Build a "Nav Bar" using a consistent UI on each page, with links to the various other pages of your portfolio.
  • Style the navbar using Flexbox or another CSS navbar technique to that it can be seen on various screen sizes.

Example Navigation Elements

Page Footer

  • Add a consistent footer to your portfolio page which should include:
    • Contact Info
    • CopyWrite Info
    • Social Media Links
    • Basic links to other pages

Footer Examples

Portfolio Sitemap.xml